Mask use when hooking up

30 March 2022

Welcome to hook ups, the website where we help like-minded individuals meet others for some no-nonsense fun. After over two (2) years of living with COVID-19 we are now, as a general society, moving towards a post covid world. Whilst it may never go away, we are now at a stage where many people have had it and heard immunity is at the highest level it has ever been. Here in England and Wales,...

Top tips on how to hook up on a ski holiday

30 January 2022
Ski girls ready to hook up

Winter is here, and no John Snow, I don’t mean that dragons are flying overhead and the white walkers are coming! What I do mean is that winter is here in full and that means ski season has arrived. COVID-19 had initially put a stop to a lot of the ski holidays that were otherwise booked. Countries in Europe shut down their borders and made it hard to cross into them (or impossible in come...

How to hook up in the winter months

14 November 2021
beautiful girl in the snow looking for a hook up with one eye

Welcome to hook ups, the place where we help like-minded individuals find each other for adult dating and no strings attached fun. Sadly, the summer months are now passing and fading into distant memories. The temperature is dropping, the leaves are falling off the trees and nature is preparing to hunker down for the winter ready to come back out to play when things warm up again. For us...

Hooking up with a foreign fuck buddy is the best way to learn a new language

25 October 2021

Welcome to hookups, the website where we help like minded adults meet each other for, well, hooking up! There are so many reasons to hook up, and a lot of benefits from doing so. It is good for the body as sex is a physical activity. It burns calories, raises your heart rate, and when done right can work nearly all the muscles in the body! Sex is also good for the mind. It releases happy...

Top three summer hook ups that everyone should have

8 August 2021

With the summer in full force and the UK opening right up with Boris Johnson having lifted restrictions, now is the perfect time to hook up. It has been a dry year for a lot of people when it comes to access to sex. The adult population as a whole are ready to get down and dirty in a way that they haven’t been since the war! People want to hook up, and if you are looking to hook up as well,...

Sex games to play with your hook up

30 June 2021

Hooking up with someone is one of the most fun things you can do. There are many basic pleasures in life, eating, sleeping, friendship… but love will remain one of the cornerstones of joy in our human lives and everyone should be experiencing more of it. Hooking up with someone is one of the best ways of both giving and receiving that physical love. Adult dating has become a normal and...

Hooking up and personal values

30 April 2021
Hooking up core values

Hook up culture has been thriving and growing for years now, and for good reason. Having sex is a basic life need. It counts amongst the list of basic urges that nearly every human feels. We all feel hunger. We all feel thirst. We all feel sleepy and tired after having been awake for a certain length and period of time… and we all feel the desire for sex. This desire can drive us in all sorts...

Post Valentines is the best time to hook up

25 February 2021

Valentine's day happens each February, and each year people are neatly divided into two camps. There are the people that have dates, and the people that don’t. The date may be a first date, a hook up, a friends with benefits, or with someone you have been with for years. Regardless, you are in the “I have a date” camp. Most of these people are pretty happy on valentines. They have someone to...

Top Three Sex Tips to make your next hook up one to remember

22 December 2020

Welcome to the hook ups website, the place where we help like minded individuals meet each other for no strings attached relationships. We believe that adult dating is the way forward and something that everyone should try at some point in their lives. Whether it is something that you do as a one off or you do it more long term, adult dating is something that is super fun. When you do hook up...

Hooking up with someone without getting the coronavirus

24 October 2020
Hook Up girl and boy during the coronavirus time

No matter what time of year it is, hooking up with someone is always good! We all want to have sex more during the summer months and less during the winter. We remain tied to the natural rhythm of our biological cycles. Even in the winter though as things cool down, there remains the drive to have sex, albeit that it is lowered. However, our biology has not been geared up to help us cope with...