How to hook up on a train

20 February 2018

There are many place that you can find a good hook up. There is a standard default position: if you are single, you are always open to meeting someone. You may not be looking for it at the time, you may not find what you are looking for when it approaches you, you may not be in the perfect mood, dress, situation, mindspace… but whether you like it or not, you are always open. That also means...

The best things in life are free – so hook up with someone!

5 January 2018

You know how they say that the best things in life are free? Well what if I told you that they really were? Let’s start by just outlining why the system needs us to believe that the best things in life are things that we have to pay for.

For society to keep running, we need people to work. We need them to wake up, go and do something productive for 8 hours a day before coming home for...

Hook up this winter

2 November 2017

The last of the summer is bleeding away, and we are looking at finally entering the winter months! With all the crazy weather in the UK, we had one last moment of all the girls out in short skirts and the guys out with their tops off. The hurricane that blew the warm weather across to England was a final bonus moment of sexy summer before the light went out… but fear not! All is not lost!...

Hook ups are healthy

19 September 2017

For a long time here in the UK, we didn't like to talk about sex. The phrase “no sex please we're British” is one that has been kicking around for decades. Luckily for us, things have really changed over the last 20 years. Admittedly, the movement did start in the 60s. I wasn't alive back then to comment, but I can say things today are much better than they used to be. Not only are we talking...

Have you got the moves to hook up? Dance your way to sex!

8 August 2017

Sex is amazing, and everyone both wants it, and ought to be having it. Sex makes people happier, increases their self esteem and sense of self worth, it gives them the all important human contact that is necessary for a stable and fulfilled life, and it is also unbelievable fun! There is nothing as fun as sex, and the most amazing part is that it is free. Sex is the biggest high, but you don’t...

If you want a fuck buddy, date a dancer, if you want a wife, find an optometrist!

13 July 2017

In our various stages of life, we all want different things at different times. We might want different amounts of money, different jobs, different ways of working... and this certainly applies to romantic relationships. There are times in your life when you just want a fuck buddy, a no strings attached access to sex. That is the life stage we can help you with, so if you are looking for an...

Music to have sex to like a Boss

30 June 2017

We soundtrack our lives. We do this mentally in our heads sometimes without thinking about it, but for the most part it is done for us physically in the world itself. When you walk into a bar or a pub, you are partly going for the “atmosphere” – and the music that is playing in the background is a key part of this. A portion of what makes a romantic restaurant “romantic” is the music that is...

Public transport – the perfect place to find your next hook up

29 May 2017

There are girls everywhere you go, and some of them will always be single and ready to mingle. You can meet a potential hook up almost anywhere whether through a family event or work. You might meet someone at a barbeque or a dinner, perhaps you end up running with them at a running club or playing against them in a sport that you enjoy. Clubs and hobbies are perfect places to meet people...

The greatest pleasure in life is free! So hook up with someone now.

28 April 2017

In a world where we constantly struggling to get enough money to buy the right clothes, the right cars, the house, be able to afford kids if you want them, to keep up with the neighbours, there are very few pleasure left that are free. As counter intuitive as it is, one of life’s greatest pleasures is completely free! That is right, we are talking about sex.

Sex is something that has...