How a hook up can lead you to unexpected places

In a traditional relationship, you would get together with one person, then have to be with that same person for the rest of your life… well that was the theory in any case. This meant that you had to be quite careful with your choice of partner. If you got it wrong, you would be stuck with it. This meant that most people had to be a little risk averse when it came to who you chose to hook up with. There was no room to explore. If you hooked up with the wrong person, you would then be stuck with them. You could not afford to take sexual chances or risks. This is just not the case anymore.

With adult dating, this is just not the case anymore. It is perfectly acceptable to get together with someone for just one night, for a few nights, or even to set up a long term no string attached relationship with someone. None of these have to be monogamous. This means that you can afford to take risks and hook up with someone that you are unsure of, and this can lead you to very interesting places in the bedroom.

Not everyone had the same sexual tastes. Different people like different things, and by hooking up with different people you can find yourself exploring sexual areas that you would never usually explore. If you hook up with someone who is into being blindfolded, you will find yourself getting to play with what it is like to be in charge of someone deprived of their sight in bed. If you hook up with someone who is into a little rope play, who likes being tied up or restrained now and then, you will have the chance to be the one doing the tying up. You will get to explore binding and restraining them until you are in the completely dominant position. Even if it turns out to not be something that you are into long term, you will learn a lot about being dominant and leading when doing this.

Perhaps you are usually the dominant and leading individual in a sexual encounter. If you hook up with someone who likes to be in charge, who is used to leading, you might find yourself in the unexpected position of being told what to do, or lying back and being taken in the bedroom when you are usually the one doing the taking. You might find that you really like this! OR perhaps you prefer to be the one leading, and even if that is the case, you will still have had the unusual experience of getting to be on the other side of it.

Hooking up with different people is a great way to explore different sexual flavours. So enjoy hooking up and seeing what is out there.