Hook up, because the best relationships start with sex

All relationships start somewhere. The initial meeting predominantly begins online these days, though they can also start in a bar, at a party, a random hook up, or even walking down the street where you bump into someone. They usually then progress to something else… and if you fancy the person this can often be a number of dates, dinners, outings and other courting activities in order to form a connection and relationship. Many relationships do start casually in this way… but I am here to argue that the best relationships start with sex at a very early point. Keep reading and I will tell you why starting with a hookup is the best way to start a relationship.

Long term relationships are all about compromise. The only way to make them last is for both parties to give a little, because no two people agree about everything all of the time. It simply does not happen that way. You compromise on Holidays, or where you go to have dinner, or when you have two events clash which one you go to. All of these compromises are acceptable in a way, because you can always make up for them. If you did not go on the holiday of choice with your partner, that is okay, maybe you can make up for it and go with your mates instead. If you didn’t go to the place for dinner this time, you go another time. If you could not attend your good friends birthday you can always make it up to them by taking them somewhere else for an evening. You can not do this with sex.

My big argument why early sex is important, is there is no option of making it up elsewhere. Let us say you began in a slower to sex way. You did 5-6 dinner dates called, texted, and by the time you had sex you were emotionally committed to the other person. You have sex… and it is a giant fail. It is just not that great. They are not into the same thing in the bedroom as you. Now it is too late. You have to ask yourself, are you really willing to give up this kind, lovely person with whom you have spent loads of time and energy? Or are you going to compromise on the sex? Many people compromise on the sex… and then you are screwed. If you are in a monogamous relationship, you can not make it up elsewhere. You can nor just go and sleep with your mates or throw money at it. You are now stuck with someone with whom the sex sucks. The longer you are together the harder it would be to leave.

Nip this issue in the bud! If you sleep with someone by hooking up with them early, then you can find out if you are sexually compatible. If you are not, you say goodbye with no hard feelings and move on before the hypnosis of love kicks in. Having a sequence of fuck buddies is a great way to get to a girlfriend!

So start with a hook up, for your own sake.