How to hook up with a girl walking down the street

Girls are everywhere we look. They make up half the population so they are impossible to miss! When you are looking to hook up with a girl, there are some obvious places that you can go. The pub is a great one, everyone is out for a good time, alcohol tends to smooth things out and make it easier, and the vibe is good. Clubs have a similar set up, but it is much more direct and physical as it is too loud to talk. You have to be extremely physical and direct in a club and how you look makes a big difference in terms of how successful you are. Generally the first step to hooking up is seeing someone and deciding to take action and see if they are interested at all. Most people know how to do that in a pub or in a club… but what about when you are walking down the street? Can it be done? I am here to tell you it can and guide you as to how to do it.

Stopping her

If you are walking and you see a girl you really like the look of, the hardest thing is to stop her. Do not go up behind her, that will engage her primal survival instincts and make her feel pounced on. Face on is also a little bit too intense. My advice is to take the 45degree angle approach, ideally from her front so she can see you. The perfect way is to be in front, make eye contact, and then stop her as she is passing you. Fluid and slick.

Give her a reason why you have stopped her

You need to tell her why you have stopped her, and I think that being honest is a great way of doing it. Tell her you say her and you thought she was super hot and you needed to talk to her. Or that you loved her outfit/look…. whatever it is that you were attracted to. Be honest and that will be congruent. It also immediately sets a sexual tone, so everyone knows that there is a potential hook up on the table.

Then normalise

It is odd being stopped on the street. Now you have shown her you are a man who takes what he wants, you then have to be super normal so she knows you are not a weirdo. Talk about normal stuff, be flirtatious, try and get to know a little about her.

Go for an instant date… or number if not

If you can get her on a date there and then, that is the ideal thing to do. Take her for a coffee, or a drink, or an ice cream! Anything as long as you do it straight away. If not, no matter how it goes, always ask for the phone number, you lose nothing by doing so.

Good luck! Remember, your next hook up could be the girl to walk past you next!