how to hook up

Want more sex? Ditch the smart phone to hook up more

26 February 2020

We all want to be having more sex. Some of us are single, and really, they are looking to hook up to have more sex, which feels a scarce resource. Others have a long-term partner, but they still want more sex! Perhaps the relationship is going through a down patch, or they have just fallen out of the habit of having sex. For those few remaining virgins in the world, they have never had sex and...

How to hook up with a girl walking down the street

9 October 2019

Girls are everywhere we look. They make up half the population so they are impossible to miss! When you are looking to hook up with a girl, there are some obvious places that you can go. The pub is a great one, everyone is out for a good time, alcohol tends to smooth things out and make it easier, and the vibe is good. Clubs have a similar set up, but it is much more direct and physical as it...