Want more sex? Ditch the smart phone to hook up more

We all want to be having more sex. Some of us are single, and really, they are looking to hook up to have more sex, which feels a scarce resource. Others have a long-term partner, but they still want more sex! Perhaps the relationship is going through a down patch, or they have just fallen out of the habit of having sex. For those few remaining virgins in the world, they have never had sex and are looking to experience it for the first time. To those people I say: what a treat you have in store! With so many people looking to have more sex, it seemed helpful to write an article outlining how you might have more sex.

There is so much advice on the internet on how to have more sex. People sell books, recordings, they make podcasts and write advice columns. For all the advice out there, I have one top tip to having more sex, which is much needed in the modern world. Ditch the smart phone.

Apps on smart phones are designed to be addictive. Facebook is a perfect example of a social media site that has spent huge effort and millions in order to make people want to use it as much as possible. The invention of the “like” button was designed to hook people on the validation that is received. That seeking of validation can drive us to become hooked to our phones, which form the portals to these social media websites. In today's world, there are more than ever. Snapchat, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter… the list goes on. You could spend every waking hour on them and never run out of new material.

Your phone transports you into the world of the social media site. Your attention and mind become focused on that, which means it takes you away from where you are in the real world. This can damage your sex life in a number of ways.

You miss opportunities to hook up

When you are in your phone, you are not looking around at the people that you are with. This can lead to you missing important hook up opportunities. You are no longer starting a conversation with the hot girl sitting next to you on the train because you are checking Facebook. Ditch the phone and go for the hook up instead!

It is a turn off when you are with someone

When you are with a potential hook up, wither because they are a regular fuck buddy or because you are chatting them up, pausing to pull out your phone and ignoring them can be a real turn off. It sends all the wrong messages and can turn a sure thing into a sure failure of a night.

With a regular hook up

If you have a regular hook up and you check your phone before bed every night, that means you are not chatting to your partner in bed. This means you are less likely to turn each other on and you are going to have less sex. Turn off the phone when going to bed or put it on flight mode at least, and you may find your regular hook up will love the extra resulting sex as much as you do!

So turn off your phone to have more sex. Simple.