hooking up top tips

5 things you should never assume about your hook up

30 May 2020

Hooking up with someone is one of the best things that you can do with your time and energy. So many things in this world come and go. You make money, you lose money. You form “lasting” friendships with people, time passes and those friendships wane and drift away. In this strange time of the coronavirus pandemic, we can not see face to face or socialise with many of the people that we...

Want more sex? Ditch the smart phone to hook up more

26 February 2020

We all want to be having more sex. Some of us are single, and really, they are looking to hook up to have more sex, which feels a scarce resource. Others have a long-term partner, but they still want more sex! Perhaps the relationship is going through a down patch, or they have just fallen out of the habit of having sex. For those few remaining virgins in the world, they have never had sex and...

Hook up using some surprising sex facts that will blow your mind!

8 December 2018

When you are hooking up with someone, you are looking for a way to turn the conversation to a sex in a smooth but fun way. By talking about sex, or around sex, it brings sex to the forefront of both your minds and thus makes the person start thinking about having sex with you. The question is how do you bring it up? You don’t ever want to ask the person that you are hooking up with “hey do you...