How to hook up with someone you meet on the street

There are many traditional places to hook up with someone. Most people, if they are looking for some action might go to a bar, pub or club. Any place that serves alcohol and has dim ambient lighting is usually quite good, as these factors tend to make everyone appear to be more attractive than they actually are! Some kind of music can often help as well. Music brings the party feel to the moment and can also be the thing that engages the emotions, opening people up to finding a fuck buddy or hooking up. Gigs are particularly good for this as most of the people that attend a live band really like the band playing, so you end up meeting someone and you already have at least one thing in common – you like the band!

Just because those are the traditional places to hook up, doesn’t mean that they are the only places that you can hook up. There are lots of other less frequent events that tend to be really good. Weddings are perfect because it reminds everyone that is single that, well, that they are single! Funerals are almost better because the death is a driver of sex. The reminder of mortality kicking in. Those two examples are just that, examples. There are hundreds of different places that you can hook up, and one of those it literally whist walking down the street.

The great thing about hooking up with someone when walking down the street is that it is so efficient. You are just walking, you see someone and bam! You are hooking up. It doesn’t work like that all the time of course, hitting on someone in the street is a real numbers game, you have to speak to a lot of different guys/girls to get to a point of success. So how do you do it?

When you see someone you like, you just go for it. Politely stop them, acknowledge that the situation is a little but you just had to come and speak to them, then relax and get to know them better. If you imagine in your head that this is a little like speed dating, you have 3 minutes then you are moving on, that really helps.

So my top tip – take more action and go for it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.