How to hook up in the winter months

beautiful girl in the snow looking for a hook up with one eye

Welcome to hook ups, the place where we help like-minded individuals find each other for adult dating and no strings attached fun. Sadly, the summer months are now passing and fading into distant memories. The temperature is dropping, the leaves are falling off the trees and nature is preparing to hunker down for the winter ready to come back out to play when things warm up again. For us humans, there is a tendency to do the same. As things get colder, we want to go out and interact with other people less, we spend more time in the house and generally it takes more to motivate us to come out “and play” as it were. Previously in the summer months we ay easily have agreed to meet up after work for a drink. Once the winter comes in, we are less likely to say yes to those invitations (and we are also less likely to make those invitations in the first place too!). So, with people staying in a lot more, does this mean it is not possible to hook up in during the winter months? Not at all! People hook up all the time and all year around. It remains true that there are certain times in the year where there are more people that are open to approach, but in reality, there are opportunities to hook up 365 days of the year, you just have to keep your eyes open. So how can you hook up in the winter months? Allow me to give you some help.

Say yes

When you get invited to go for a drink after work or to meet up somewhere, say yes. Recognise that at this time of year it is easier to say no. When someone invites you out at 7pm in the summer it is still sunny and lovely outside, but when they do so now it will already be dark and uninviting. If you can recognise that the time on the clock is the same, it will help you to overcome the extra mental barrier being created by the winter and you will be more likely to say yes and go out.

Take action

Be an instigator of action. Now that invitations to do things have slowed down, be the person who generates the fun. It can be much easier than you might otherwise think! Inviting people to come for a drink after work takes initiative but very little else. Doing this will not only ensure that you are still going out, but also put you in a “leader” position within the group, which will add to your perceived attractiveness levels when you are meeting people of the opposite sex.

Dress warm!

This may sound obvious, but by dressing warm you are more likely to go out! So adjust your wardrobe and be ready for the weather.

So, make a few changes and get out there. There are people that want to hook up with you as much as you want to hook up with them, all you have to do is meet them. So get out there and go for it!