The importance of sound when hooking up

When it comes to making love, whether that is with your hook up from the same night, a regular hook up, a friends with benefit or a regular established fuck buddy, it is a whole experience that engages all the senses. Taste, touch, sight, smell and sound. Much of this is created by the act of having sex itself. When you hook up with someone, the touch and the taste elements are obvious and need no describing here! Sight is a more interesting one as some people like to have the lights turned off, or at the least, they like to have the lights turned right down impairing the clarity of the visual input that they are receiving. This can sometimes be helpful if it is just a random one off hook up with someone that you don’t really fancy that much visually, as you can then concentrate on the other elements. Sound is not something that we often think about, but as a sense it is actually a really important one, and one that can make a big difference to your sexual experience.

Sound that already exists

There are some sounds that already exist within the confines of making love. The sounds of the persons skin moving against your own, their slight moans or reactions as you touch and stimulate them, or as they do so to you. The things that you whisper into each other’s ears, be that dirty talk, other words or sentences or even just the sound of their breath moving over you (for that is still a very specific sound that can trigger very specific body reactions from you). All of those make up the orchestral music that is the love making session, and it is a key component to your experience and the experience of the person you hooked up with.

Changing or adding to this

You always have the option to add to it, to craft it, or to alter it. Altering it using the same ingredients is easy. Try saying different things or being more or less expressive. If you want to cut sound entirely (which is an active choice) that can work! Or cut it from one side only, a (consensual) gag in play can work wonders!

If you want to add more to this, consider using music. Soundtracks are a great way to mix things up!

So remember how important sound is when you are making love, and have fun with it.