Mask use when hooking up

Welcome to hook ups, the website where we help like-minded individuals meet others for some no-nonsense fun. After over two (2) years of living with COVID-19 we are now, as a general society, moving towards a post covid world. Whilst it may never go away, we are now at a stage where many people have had it and heard immunity is at the highest level it has ever been. Here in England and Wales, masks are no longer mandatory so really, we have returned (functionally) to the way of living that we experienced before the coronavirus existed. That being said, it has not gone away and so there are still steps that people can choose to take should they wish to do so. The wearing of masks is one of them. In this article, I would like to talk about how that affects hooking up.

Whether you chose to wear a mask or not makes no difference to your ability to hook up, so if that is a fallacy that you believe set it aside now, it does not serve you in any way. Personal choices like this are exactly that, personal choices. Where the choice of a mask can make a difference is communication, looks and body language.

In the dating world, how you look is a key element. We all want to date someone that we “fancy” and the mask can both help and hinder this, On the initial, it can be a real help! For men, it means you can go out without shaving and you will still look neat and tidy. For women, it can really bring out the eyes and add a mysterious edge to your look. The eyes are, after all, the gateway to the (love) soul! So for first meets, it can be good…. but after a little whilst it can get in the way of communication.

Yes, as humans we communicate with words. However, whilst we listen to the words that we say, we also look at the person's body, listen to their tone and very importantly, we look at their face. Someone can say something really mean, but if they are smiling at the time it can completely change the meaning. When wearing a mask, we are unable to see the smile that goes with the comment, changing the meaning.

So, if you are chatting to someone that you are looking to hook up with, consider putting yourself in an environment where you are comfortable removing your mask for communication reasons. Maybe that means going outside or taking a table in the sun. It can really help you to connect.

Good luck!