Why you should hook up with someone from a different country

Girls from different countries

Hooking up is great. The rise of adult dating overall has been a really positive thing for the entire population. Those that have embraced it and found it is for them are much happier for it. Those that haven’t (or are oblivious to it) still get to be surrounded by people who are happier for having a life where they are hooking up with people on a regular basis. Everyone wins from the situation, there is no downside here.

When hooking up with people, you may be someone that is keen to try different things. A little bit like flavours of ice cream, how do you know that chocolate is your favourite if you have never tried the vanilla flavour? The only way is to try different things so that you have a point of comparison. The same principle can be applied to all areas of your life. How do you know you like the company you work for if you have never worked for a different one? How do you know you like the area you live in if that is the only place that you have ever lived? How do you know that the girl or guy that you are with is the one for you if you have only ever been with that one person? You don’t, so the only way to find out is by trying different things out and, in the case of dating, trying out being with different people.

One way of really changing the flavour is by being with someone who is from a different country. When you are raised in a different country, with a different language and different value system, you have the biggest chance of being fundamentally different. This can bring with it a range of advantages and open up new experience and ways of thinking. I advise you to think about dating someone from a different country primarily for this reason. You may find that hooking up with someone from a different jurisdiction really changes the dynamic. Maybe they are from a country where they are naturally stiffer and more repressed. This gives you the chance to lead in the bedroom and open their eyes to the possibilities therein. Perhaps they are raised in a liberal culture. Sit back and enjoy the ride as they teach you a thing or two!

Regardless of which way it is, there is always fun to be had (and a growth experience) from hooking up with different people with diverse backgrounds. I highly recommend it!