Top three summer hook ups that everyone should have

With the summer in full force and the UK opening right up with Boris Johnson having lifted restrictions, now is the perfect time to hook up. It has been a dry year for a lot of people when it comes to access to sex. The adult population as a whole are ready to get down and dirty in a way that they haven’t been since the war! People want to hook up, and if you are looking to hook up as well, maybe you could be the friends with benefits that they have been looking for all this time?

Hook ups some in all flavours. Like good ice cream, there are different types, ways, and experiences you can have. There are some classic summer hook ups that I think everyone should have. So here are my top three summer hook ups to aim for, or to add to your bucket list.

The 'its too hot and I don’t have AC'

The summers in the UK have become brutally hot at times. That means with no AC, it is fully on sweaty bodies, with a lot of natural lubrication and soft supple muscles. If you are thinking “it is waaaaaay to hot” then I am telling you now, go have sex and tick that off your list!

The summer skirt quickie

The summer hook up doesn’t get better than the summer skirt quickie. With the weather so warm, the short skirts are out. It is too much effort to take it off… so why bother? Leave the summer skirt on them/you and just have sex anyway! There is something super sexy about doing this, and you can then tick it off the list.

Late night booty call

In the winter, a late night booty call means putting a lot of clothes on to get to the other person, by which time are you still really into it? The summer, with its warm nights, means getting/giving a booty call just needs the other person to come dressed as they are! With no need for a big change, it is a great hook up to have!

BONUS POINTS: pool sex

If you can pull off pool sex, which happens in the films all the time, then you get the bonus points. Pool sex is actually much harder than it sounds. Water should be a great lubricant, but the truth is, it isn’t. It means the sex is really hard to make good, and you are both unlikely to want to do it again and once you have it you will never believe a pool sex scene in a film ever again… but you get the bonus points, so that is something, right?