summer sex

Top three summer hook ups that everyone should have

8 August 2021

With the summer in full force and the UK opening right up with Boris Johnson having lifted restrictions, now is the perfect time to hook up. It has been a dry year for a lot of people when it comes to access to sex. The adult population as a whole are ready to get down and dirty in a way that they haven’t been since the war! People want to hook up, and if you are looking to hook up as well,...

Have a summer hook up!

8 August 2018

The summer is here, and now is the perfect time to have a hook up. With the long days, everyone has that extra amount of time and energy to take advantage of, and what better way to use that time than by finding someone to have sex with? There are several reasons that you should do this.

Hooking up is healthy

Firstly, it is really good for you. It burns calories, has been...