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How to hook up on the slopes

3 February 2023
Ski Girl in Mask

There are lots of traditional places where one can hook up. Bars, pubs, clubs… the list is endless. There are certain places where this is easier to do than other places of course. House parties are usually very good because everyone feels like there is a connection between them and the people that they are meeting. Usually, you will know someone who knows someone who knows the person that you...

Top tips on how to hook up on a ski holiday

30 January 2022
Ski girls ready to hook up

Winter is here, and no John Snow, I don’t mean that dragons are flying overhead and the white walkers are coming! What I do mean is that winter is here in full and that means ski season has arrived. COVID-19 had initially put a stop to a lot of the ski holidays that were otherwise booked. Countries in Europe shut down their borders and made it hard to cross into them (or impossible in come...

Have you got the moves to hook up? Dance your way to sex!

8 August 2017

Sex is amazing, and everyone both wants it, and ought to be having it. Sex makes people happier, increases their self esteem and sense of self worth, it gives them the all important human contact that is necessary for a stable and fulfilled life, and it is also unbelievable fun! There is nothing as fun as sex, and the most amazing part is that it is free. Sex is the biggest high, but you don’t...