Have you got the moves to hook up? Dance your way to sex!

Sex is amazing, and everyone both wants it, and ought to be having it. Sex makes people happier, increases their self esteem and sense of self worth, it gives them the all important human contact that is necessary for a stable and fulfilled life, and it is also unbelievable fun! There is nothing as fun as sex, and the most amazing part is that it is free. Sex is the biggest high, but you don’t have to pay a penny for it (though you can of course choose to if you wish to). So how can you find a hook up or a fuck buddy? Have you thought about dancing your way to sex?

A great way to meet people

The first step to any hook up is to meet the person in the first place. This can be done in many ways, online being the primary way that people are finding their no strings attached relationships these days. Being able to meet a mass of the opposite sex quickly so that you have a higher chance of meeting someone compatible is key to the hook up. Online provides this well, as does a dance class!
Joining a dance class is a great way to quickly meet a ton of people, especially women. I went to a dance class yesterday, and I was literally the only man in the class. It was phenomenal! At that point there was just no competition! So the first thing dancing does is give you that exposure to a lot of people, so that you can meet someone.

It forces physical contact, so you don’t have to initiate

Physical contact is imperative if you want to hook up with someone. The early stages of flirting always involve the brush of the hand, the touch of the shoulder. Dancing means that you have this contact during the class as part of the process. You don’t have to initiate it, it just happens!

Dancing is sexy

Most girls have a film like dirty dancing or Step Up etc that they think is amazing... and this means that dancing feels sexy. When you dance with a girl, it is the beginning of the physical courtship ritual, as ancient as humans.

Dance class will make you good

If you are a good dancer, people will also presume that you are good in bed. If you are good with your body, physically in control and co-ordinated, and of a certain fitness level, you are extremely attractive to the opposite sex. A dance class or dancing gives you a chance to show this off, to allow other people to see this in you, giving you a chance to hook up

So if you are looking for a hook up, why not join a dance class and see if you can find waltz your way into someone’s bed!