pulling in a club

The reasons why a woman will hook up with you

18 September 2019

When we hook up with a woman, we want the reason that they hook up with us to be because we are suave, sophisticated and really good looking! In our minds, it is all about us and how amazing we are. This is not the only reason that a woman will hook up however. There are a multitude of factors in play, and science through research have revealed some of these reasons to us. In this article, I...

How to hook up in a club

17 May 2018

Hooking up in a club is very different to hooking up else where. The environment is different, the rules are also completely different as well. Trying to hookup in a club using the same approach as hooking up in a bar, pub, or party just won’t work. You need to alter your technique to where you are. If you do this, finding a hook up in a club can become really easy! Here are my top tips on how...