How to hook up in a club

Hooking up in a club is very different to hooking up else where. The environment is different, the rules are also completely different as well. Trying to hookup in a club using the same approach as hooking up in a bar, pub, or party just won’t work. You need to alter your technique to where you are. If you do this, finding a hook up in a club can become really easy! Here are my top tips on how to hook up in a club.

Understand the limitations of the environment
You are in a loud, dark and crowded environment. There are certain things that just don’t work as well in a club. If you have the gift of the gab, this is pretty much nullified when you are in a club. No one can hear you, and even if they can, they have to strain to understand you. This level of effort undermines the feeling of a relaxed and easy seduction, which is what you want. Accept this.
Also accept that there are people everywhere, and it is going to be really difficult to get space to yourself, or carve out any personal space at all. Again once you accept this, you can turn it to your advantage.

What are the things that work
Given the above, less talk and more action is the rule in a club. If you like someone, say it with your body language, with your eye contact, your posture, and ideally by taking their hand and leading them to the dance floor. Say it with physical actions, not with your words.

Be prepared to be bold
You have to be bold and confident in a club. You are never going to get a green light, you have to move on amber. So kiss when you think it is possible, not when you know that it is on. This is the only way to make it happen in a club.

Lay foundations
The ideal thing is that you have already laid the foundations before you get to the club. Perhaps you met girls in a feeder pub before hand, or you go there with a social circle of people. This can make a huge difference, so do it if you can.

Have fun!
You are judged on how you look, and if you look like you are having fun, you will have a better time of it. The easiest way of doing this, is to actually just have fun! So enjoy yourself.