Sex games to play with your hook up

Hooking up with someone is one of the most fun things you can do. There are many basic pleasures in life, eating, sleeping, friendship… but love will remain one of the cornerstones of joy in our human lives and everyone should be experiencing more of it. Hooking up with someone is one of the best ways of both giving and receiving that physical love. Adult dating has become a normal and acceptable thing, and ultimately everyone benefits from it. If you have a fuck buddy then you both get to have sex, so it really is the win-win! If you find yourself hooking up with someone more than once, however, you might decide it would be good to mix things up a little with some sex games. This is a fun idea, and to help you out with that, here are my top sex games to play with your hook up.

Sex fortunes

You have probably heard of tarot and reading of peoples futures, well this is a future reading game where you can guarantee the ending… sex for both of you! You get some tarot cards and you assign sex positions to them. Then you “read” each other's futures, then make it happen! If you don’t have tarot you can use ordinary cards, you ca make your own cards, or you can now buy pre-made sex fortune cards which are specially made to play this game. So whilst the future is never certain, in this case, you can be confident of a happy ending!

Strip Tease

This is an oldie but a classic that will never go out of fashion. Stripping games are simple. You both start fully clothed, then you play a game where every time one of you loses a point, or the other person gains a point, you have to take a piece of clothing off. The nice thing about this is that you can play anything, from snap to chess. You can play something long and drawn out that is formal like settlers of catan, or quick and silly like tossing a coin and saying heads or tails. What ever you go with, it is great fun.

Naughty dice

There are a ton of variations of this on the internet, but essentially you roll dice and they tell you to lick + location, or stroke + X etc. They are cheap to buy, easy to use, and a fun and simple way to mix things up.

So, if you have a hook up and want to mix things up, why not try one of these three sex games. Have fun!