Hooking up is an end in itself

We are brought up largely being told that hooking up is a bad thing. This comes from all sorts of places. We have certain religions telling us that sex outside of marriage is wrong, and that one should wait until they have found their “one” before having sex. We have the status of being a “virgin” as one that is raised up as having a special status, and one that once lost can never be regained. We have slut-shaming as an attitude, where a girl will be put down for sleeping around even if she really hasn’t slept with that many people. Society is geared up to tell you that you should not be hooking up with people just for fun, that you need a better stronger reason that the desire for sex if you want to hookup with someone. I am here to tell you otherwise.

You do not need any reason to hook up with someone, other than the desire to hook up with someone in the first place. Meeting someone and having sex is an end in itself. As a society, we are becoming more and more goal and output focused. If I do X then will I get Y? Less and less do we do things simply to be able to enjoy doing them for their own sake. Yet what is life, of not the journey itself? If we are just focused on the end, we should go ahead and kill ourselves now, because the “end” of it all is death! Why not fast-forward?

When we watch a film, we don’t watch the ending only for that would defeat the enjoyment of the film. We want to experience the whole film, to be taken on the journey that the story provides. We enjoy and experience the journey, the destination (the ended) is only a small part of it. Music is another great example. Orchestras do not play symphonies as fast possible rushing to the end, they play them in a paced manner so we can enjoy them. So too should be our lives, and our sex lives in particular. Having a hook up for no other reason than to hook up should be the only reason needed. There should be no further justification required, and we should not have other sources telling us in any way that this is wrong.

So if you want to hookup, do it. If you want to, then for you it is the right thing to do.