Hook ups are healthy

For a long time here in the UK, we didn't like to talk about sex. The phrase “no sex please we're British” is one that has been kicking around for decades. Luckily for us, things have really changed over the last 20 years. Admittedly, the movement did start in the 60s. I wasn't alive back then to comment, but I can say things today are much better than they used to be. Not only are we talking more openly about sex, having sex more freely and more easily, the science and the research behind sex has developed to the point where we now know that sex is healthy for us in all sorts of ways. And this article I'd like to propose that hooking up is healthy.

It is a great work out

Getting more and regular exercise is something that would benefit everyone. We spend most of our time in front of computers, leading sedentary lifestyles, and this has lead to obesity in the UK to rise dramatically. Anything that increases the amount of exercise and movement that we get is a good thing. Sex is an amazing workout. When you hook up with someone and end up in the bedroom, you'll end up with one of the best workouts of your week. Sex takes up a tremendous amount of energy, uses a whole host of muscles throughout the whole body, and it is a huge calorie burning exercise. Sex is brilliant for you physically, and is something that can genuinely replace regular gym visits if you do it enough.

Sex gives you happy hormones

When you have sex you release a whole host of hormones in the body. This includes hormones that make you happier. If one of the major goals of life is to be happy, the and everyone should be having more sex. This is not a debate, this is fact. If you have sex you release a whole bunch of hormones that physically make you happy. You can't help it, it is not a choice, it just happens. Hookups make you happier.

Hookups are great for your self esteem

Self-esteem is so important to our lives. The feeling of self worth, being confident, lacking in insecurities, these are all things that sit at the core of our happiness levels. When you hook up with somebody, that person has said that they like you and want you. There is nothing better for the ego and having someone want you physically and in your entirety. This ego stroking exercise does an excellent job to boost your self-esteem, and reinforce yourself sense of self worth.

So if you need an overall happiness life boost, go out and find yourself a hookup. I guarantee it will make you happier.