Hooking up on a train

There are many obvious places to try and hook up. Most people go to bars, pubs or anywhere there is alcohol being served. These venues provide a space where there is a general understanding that people are open to meeting someone, to a hook up. Clubs are another good space to find an easy and quick hook up, there is not even any need to speak as no one can hear you anyway! You just do it all with the body language and allow your desire and lust to express themselves. There are also less usual places where one can hook up, places that can be as good or even better than the traditional venues. One of these places is a train. For this article I am going to talk about hooking up on a train.

Why a train hook up is the perfect one

We are all time starved. We lead busy lives where we rarely have the space or time to half the things that we want to do, so making time to meet someone can be tricky… but with a train, it is NET time. No Extra Time. You are already doing something, you ae traveling from A to B. There is nothing more you can do to make that journey go faster, but what you can do is use that “free” time to hit on someone instead.

You have a captive audience. They are also not going anywhere… well there are going somewhere as they are on a train, but you know what I mean! They have nothing else that they can be doing, so talking to you is easy, it costs them nothing.

They are likely bored. How interesting you are is always by comparison. No matter how interesting you are, if the person's favourite rock star walks past, they will, by comparison, find you really boring in that moment compared with the rock star. The train gives you the reverse situation. They are probably bored, which means that anything you do makes you instantly more interesting than the doing at that time. You can be extremely relaxed, there is no need to grab attention or try and work hard to hold their focus, you will likely have it as the alternative is staring out the window wondering when the journey will be over.

So next time you are on a train, rather than waste time, why not sit near someone who looks fun, and strike up a conversation? You never know where it might lead you to!