Hooking up with someone without getting the coronavirus

Hook Up girl and boy during the coronavirus time

No matter what time of year it is, hooking up with someone is always good! We all want to have sex more during the summer months and less during the winter. We remain tied to the natural rhythm of our biological cycles. Even in the winter though as things cool down, there remains the drive to have sex, albeit that it is lowered. However, our biology has not been geared up to help us cope with the coronavirus lockdown. It is not fixed to the “rhythm” of a pandemic that is likely to last more than a year. So how can we cope with it?

The winter months slow down our desire to hook up

The winter months slow down our desire to hook up. This means that in the coming time it will be a lot easier to have no or less sex than we are used to. This will make the increased difficulty of hooking up easier to cope with as our natural body cycle reduces how much we have the need for sex. The slow down, however, is only that, a reduction. It does not eliminate our naturally born desires.

The drive to hook up with someone remains strong

So, despite the moving time of year, the desire to hook up is going to remain strong. There are even reasons that it might be higher than normal. The increased isolation only makes us crave the connection that having sex naturally brings. This means that we will want to still hook up, and there is no reason that we shouldn’t as long as we are careful.

How to hook up safely without catching the coronavirus

So how can we hook up without catching the coronavirus? The most important thing is to ensure that you are very clear about who you are having contact with and then share that with the other person. The law of reciprocity means that when you share it, they will be inclined to return the same courtesy and will tell you the same… and this is the important bit. You decide based on the risk factor that they bring with them. If they are seeing very few people and are being careful, then that is going to be a much lower risk than if they are travelling on public transport regularly to an office full of people. Regardless of what they say, it is also about what your personal appetite for risk is as weighed against the gain from having sex with the person. Having a fuck buddy at the moment is a particularly good choice as there is a greater level of honesty involved in a no-strings-attached relationship than with a standard relationship, an that again puts you in the position to make an informed decision.

It is always a good time to hook up, and I would encourage you to listen to your personal needs. It is also good to weigh those needs up against the climate of risk that we live in.