Public transport – the perfect place to find your next hook up

There are girls everywhere you go, and some of them will always be single and ready to mingle. You can meet a potential hook up almost anywhere whether through a family event or work. You might meet someone at a barbeque or a dinner, perhaps you end up running with them at a running club or playing against them in a sport that you enjoy. Clubs and hobbies are perfect places to meet people because they already share an interest with you, and sometimes it is not what you are like, it is what you like. I will say that again, many people think what you are like as a person is the most important factor as to whether someone will hook up with you. This is wrong! For a hook up, what you like is far more important! If you like the same things, that common ground can quickly build to you forming a quick connection which is what is needed when it comes to hooking up with people.... and almost anywhere is good to meet someone, and that includes whilst on public transport.

Public transport is a great place to meet someone – and let me explain why.

Girls / guys are bored

Everyone is on their way to somewhere, but the journey itself is boring. Their excitement levels are at an all time low, and they don’t have anything that is particularly fun to be doing. This means that anything is going to improve their day, this includes you! Even just a little bit of humour will makes their lives better, which means that you have low hanging fruit. You will come across as more interesting than you usually are just because they are more bored than usual! This means that you have super human levels of being interested whilst on public transport, so take advantage of it!

You are in an inbetween state, so the usual rules of what someone is willing to do is suspended

Like being on a plane, being on a train or a bus means you are neither here nor there. You are in an inbetween place, and that suspends mentally the usual rules. You are more open to doing something different because you are in a different environment. This includes being picked up!

There is a deadline for the phone number

At some point someone is getting off and the meeting ends. This provides a nice clear deadline moment where you can easily ask for a phone number. This means taking details is easier than ever!

Next time you are on public transport, consider trying to pick someone up, you might find that getting a hook up is easier there than in a club!