Post Valentines is the best time to hook up

Valentine's day happens each February, and each year people are neatly divided into two camps. There are the people that have dates, and the people that don’t. The date may be a first date, a hook up, a friends with benefits, or with someone you have been with for years. Regardless, you are in the “I have a date” camp. Most of these people are pretty happy on valentines. They have someone to spend the evening with, and they are almost certainly going to get laid. Sex is nearly guaranteed on valentines day for those with a date. It is not 100%, but it is close. For those without, it is a different story. The people with no date are subjected to a strong reminder that they do not have one. Usually, a day without a date is just a day when you are doing something else. We can’t be hooking up every day, we would never get anything done. However, on valentines day there is an expectation that you have a date, so suddenly if you do not have a date there is something wrong with you. This does have some beneficial side effects for those of us looking to hook up.

The reminder makes people without sexual partners insecure about not having a sexual partner. For that date, it no longer becomes a choice but the side of effect of an inability to obtain one. This increases the desire to have a hook up across the board.

Valentine's day itself is where this is felt most strongly. However, most people do not go out on valentines day to hook up in the best of times. With the global coronavirus pandemic going on, a lot of people just aren’t going out at all! So following valentines day, there is a “hang over” of this feeling. People are more aware of the lack of a hook up more than usual. This means that the weeks following valentines day are a great time to hook up. People are more open to being approached and spoken to. They want to be approached and picked up.

So if you are looking to hook up, now is a great time to make it happen. Take some action (it can be online, it doesn’t have to be in person) and make some connections. You never know where it will lead, but it may well lead to the bedroom and possibly even a regular hook up you can booty call!