Music to have sex to like a Boss

We soundtrack our lives. We do this mentally in our heads sometimes without thinking about it, but for the most part it is done for us physically in the world itself. When you walk into a bar or a pub, you are partly going for the “atmosphere” – and the music that is playing in the background is a key part of this. A portion of what makes a romantic restaurant “romantic” is the music that is playing in the background. You may not want to be hearing “3 times a lady” when you are out clubbing – but in a romantic restaurant, it is perfect.

Where this came from

Films and television are responsible for this. Before the technology of being able to remotely play music was around, the soundtrack to our lives was environmental. The sounds of the landscape, the forests or fields (depending on where you are), or the back ground of the cities. Films have changed all of this, Music emotes and moves people, so the addition of it can make you feel more in the moment, more alive, and more emotionally engaged with whatever you are doing.
So how does this relate to your next hookup?

Good sex is emotional – spike that emotion with music

If great sex is emotional, you can use music to spike that emotion. You might already be doing it without thinking about it, and if you are that’s great, coming to a better conscious understanding of it will help you to hone it. There are several avenues you can go down.

Go super romantic

This is a great beginner option. You can’t go wrong with a Phil Colllins’ “Wonderful Tonight” or Chris De Burgh’s “Lady In Red”. They may not be your favorite tunes, but here they can be really powerful.

Go Romantic feel – with a secret humorous twist

Often the lyrics of a song that we are listening to blends out and we do not hear the words. This means that they can be singing about anything, as long as musically it is romantic, no one will notice. For this I would go to bands like the Isley Brothers, super soulful and super sexy. There is a tune called “Hey hey, lets make a baby” that I once found on an album called “Aphrodisiac” which I highly recommend. There are a couple of Weird Al Yankovitch songs that also are great contenders.

Go All Out Silly – perfect for a first time hook up

If you want to go all out silly this can be really fun. Want to have sex like a total boss? Once you are done, immediately put on “I just had sex” by Akon and Lonely Island and forever will you join the ranks of the true sexual alpha males.

Go for music you like

This is the best option. If you like it, and they like it, you will be into it.