If you want a fuck buddy, date a dancer, if you want a wife, find an optometrist!

In our various stages of life, we all want different things at different times. We might want different amounts of money, different jobs, different ways of working... and this certainly applies to romantic relationships. There are times in your life when you just want a fuck buddy, a no strings attached access to sex. That is the life stage we can help you with, so if you are looking for an easy hook up without any of the stress, then you have come to the right place.

There are other times in your life when you might want something more, a relationship, a strong and lasting emotional bond, and yes even marriage and a lifelong romantic commitment. Whilst there are *some* cases where people end up with that through meeting people on this website, this is not the reason that people come here, so if you are not looking for a hookup or fuck buddy, I would advise you to go to a different dating website immediately. What interests me is that certain jobs for some reason result in people better suited to one end of the scale!

Why a dancer is great for a hookup – but not for marriage.

I need to start with a disclaimer, what I am about to say may be seen as controversial, however this is based on statistics and fact. The data doesn’t care about offending people, it just presents the truth. If you are looking for a quick shag, then a dancer is a great choice. They are going to be in great shape as their body is their main tool, they are going to be flexible which is fantastic in the bedroom. They are way more likely to be doing things like kegell exercises and thus be better in bed! However, if you are looking for a long term thing, even marriage, dancers are a poor choice. Statistically they are in the highest bracket of job types that end in divorce! The stats don’t lie, dancer have trouble holding it together long term.

For marriage hook an optometrist

Surprisingly, the job type with the lowest divorce rates are optometrists! If you marry someone who works doing eye tests for specsavers, the statistical chances of you being divorced ever are tiny! Smaller than any other job type.

Why is this?

This is an interesting question, and one that I can only speculate on. Is it that the kind of person attracted to being a dancer is more likely to cheat? Or is it that doing the job itself encourages certain traits of ways of seeing the world that mean you are more or less likely to want to stick in a relationship? The truth is I don’t know the answers to this question, all I do know is that the facts don’t lie.