How to hook up on a train

There are many place that you can find a good hook up. There is a standard default position: if you are single, you are always open to meeting someone. You may not be looking for it at the time, you may not find what you are looking for when it approaches you, you may not be in the perfect mood, dress, situation, mindspace… but whether you like it or not, you are always open. That also means that everyone else is also open to meeting someone, all the time. If you are looking for a hookup, then remember that there is no place that is off limits, no time that is banned, no social fo pa that you can make. You have to just go for it.

Why non-traditional places are better to hook up in!

When you are looking for a hookup, the environments that usually spring to mind are pubs, bars, clubs, house parties etc. There is nothing wrong with these places, other people are also actively looking to hook up, so there is action on both sides. However, there is also competition in play here. There are other people that, like it or not, are your rivals. You are going to be compared to them, held up against them in the sexual market place. To be blunt, there is always someone that is going to better looking that you, its just a case of numbers!
Where non-traditional places come into their own, is that you are not being compared to anyone. By talking to the person in the first place you have already set yourself apart from the crowd, you have displayed huge confidence and self assured nature, which are extremely attractive qualities! So what are the other advantages?

You are not doing anything else. This is NET time – no extra time. Since you are just killing time, you may as well use it to talk to the pretty lady!
They are not doing anything else – they may as well use it to talk to the confident and self assured person who has just started talking to them
You are interesting! Why? Because you are being compared to the boredom of being on a train. This means nearly anything you do is going to be more interesting that the alternative! Cash back!

Trains are excellent places to hook up- so next time you see someone you like, take action, it is an excellent place to find a friend with benefits!