How the cold can help you to hook up

The start of this month has seen some surprisingly cold weather. We are officially in the start of spring here in the UK, yet this week we have seen temperatures drop below 0 degrees, blizzards sweep the streets, and the area covered in a white blanket of snow. This has made it difficult to get around as easily, and there have certainly been a few slips and trips from people as they move around their day to day lives. There is an upside to all of this! The crazy cold weather can help you to get laid and find a hookup. In this article, I am going to discuss the different ways in which the unprecedented snowy weather can help you find a fuck buddy.

Fear of the apocalypse

Nothing gets the hormones going for sex like the right does of fear. Too much fear and the stress kills any ability to orgasm, but a little is perfect. It makes us want to procreate as quickly as possible before the potential danger kills us. This is why we love roller coasters, horror films. It is why following a harrowing experience people will have a lot of sex, and why those hook ups are often described as some of the best sex sessions that they have had in their lives. It is really quite astonishing.
The crazy weather makes it feel like the world is ending. So when you speak to the person you want to hook-up with, talk about that. Paint the picture of the end of the world, point out the connections to global warming. On a base level it will make them want to hook up with you more.

More time to get laid

Schools have been cancelled, meetings delayed, and people asked to work from home. All of this gives you extra free timeā€¦ to hook up with someone! This extra time is there to be used, so grab it and take it to the bedroom immediately!

Cuddle time

The cold weather drives you to seek heat. The best way to be warm is to be sharing body heat with another person, someone who is curled up with you, naked. This all points to getting to the bedroom as quickly as possible, aiding you both in your desire to hook up with each other.

So embrace this crazy time, and use it where you can, to get that hook up you want.