Hook up this winter

The last of the summer is bleeding away, and we are looking at finally entering the winter months! With all the crazy weather in the UK, we had one last moment of all the girls out in short skirts and the guys out with their tops off. The hurricane that blew the warm weather across to England was a final bonus moment of sexy summer before the light went out… but fear not! All is not lost! Winter brings with it all sorts of opportunities to get laid that summer would never be able to furnish you with! So here are some top winter tips on how to hook up. Whether you are looking for a no strings attached relationship, a quick one night stand, or you just don’t know, hook ups are here to help.

Brrr… its cold! Time to snuggle for warmth!

The thing that people want more than anything else on a cold winter’s day, is a nice warm hug! As humans, we are driven by instinct for the basics like any other member of the animal kingdom. We want food, warmth and procreation. In the cold winter months to come, if you can offer someone a little of all three you are a prize win! Getting naked when it is cold is only a bad thing if there is no one there to keep you warm. Why not lend a helping hand or two?

Early darkness means you can go out early

When you meet a potential sexual partner, there is something that feels more like a date or a hook up if it is dark. In the summer this means meeting late, or having to stay out till late. Now that the clocks have changed, you can meet someone straight after work, hit a pub with candles on the tables, and because you start the date earlier, you can be dragging them back to yours by 9pm! The earlier you start the more time that you will have to enjoy yourself.

Long evenings at home

Going out is all well and good – but it is much harder to sleep with someone when you are in public. That is not to say you can’t, and for some people this in itself can be a fun part of the sex – having it in a public place! Undeniably it is logistically easier to have sex in private, and if you are spending evenings snuggled up at home, or doing things around the house, it is much easier to have sex, especially spontaneous sex!

The winter brings with a whole host of hook up opportunities, so good luck and have fun with them!