The greatest pleasure in life is free! So hook up with someone now.

In a world where we constantly struggling to get enough money to buy the right clothes, the right cars, the house, be able to afford kids if you want them, to keep up with the neighbours, there are very few pleasure left that are free. As counter intuitive as it is, one of life’s greatest pleasures is completely free! That is right, we are talking about sex.

Sex is something that has always been free. During times of financial hardship, crashes in the economy, drought, famine, war... the one thing that people still do is have sex. It is also one of the things that people can still consistently enjoy despite all the environmental difficulties that everyone may be experiencing. Sex is part of being human, and it is one of our greatest joys. No matter how many drugs you have experimented with, there is no greater high than that of a mind blowing orgasm. It is for this reason that our love of sex has permeated into all aspects of our lives. Many of the things that we do, on a fundamental level, are also about our ability to get laid. Yes we may have other reasons as well for doing them, but on some level it is about getting laid, it is about having sex. Let’s take a few examples for men:

• Getting a great job – it makes you more attractive to women having a great job. It often appears near the top of dating sites, and when people introduce people they will often say the job they do. It is so much part of identity, that it becomes part of your personal brand! Your job can get you laid instantly... you think that people start bands and become lead guitarists for any other reason?!
• Making money – gives you the funds to wine, dine, and spoil a woman. In turn she will hang out with you and have sex with you. No matter how you feel about the reality of this, no one can deny that woman will more easily sleep with a rich guy over a poor guy.
• Getting a flashy car. Men love cars, and many men obsess over them. Arrive at a party in a super expensive flash car and you will grab the attention of a hell of a lot of skirt!
• Expensive watches – show off how much money you have to the opposite sex
• Almost anything that visibly shows you spent money tells women that you have money, to spend on them, for sex.

So despite being free, we do choose to spend a lot of time and effort making money so that we can more easily have sex... however we have to ask the question, is this necessary? Do we need to be doing this? The simple answer is no. The key to sex being free, and the reason that it will always remain free, is that everyone wants it too much! Being lifes greatest high, both men and women want to being having sex, which means that you will never have to pay for it. You can choose to pay some money to make it easier – and personally I would advise you to do this. What is money for if not to make our lives easier? However never forget that you are having sex because the other person also wants to be having sex, no matter what they tell you otherwise.
So makes someone’s day and hook up with them. They want it as much as you do.