Everyone Is secretly looking for a hook up… so just ask

You know the easiest way to hook up with someone? Just ask them. You think I am joking right? I mean being so bold as to ask them outright if they want to have sex is crazy, right? Or is it? Let me talk you through the logic of it, and see if I can bring you around to my way of thinking.

Sex is great

Sex is great. There is nothing more fun, pleasing and exciting than sex. We all want it, and we are all better off for it. Hooking up with someone releases all sorts of happy hormones, it released stress, it is a great physical work out, and it makes you a better person to be around. There are all the ups, and so few downs.

Everyone wants to hook up

Secretly, everyone wants to be hooking up. They want to have someone drag them back to their cave, and if they don’t, it is because they want to do the dragging! They want to have sex not only on an emotional level, a mental level, but also a biological level. It is hard coded into people, they have no choice about the matter! They really want to have sex, be they a man or a woman.

You are offering them what they want

Say you are really hungry. It is lunchtime, and a sandwich guy with a trolley comes over and offers to sell you your lunch. You are going to be grateful for him for hooking you up, and happy that he took your money. It is not a hard sale, in fact he is doing you a favour. The same is true for sex. If you accept that everyone wants to be having sex, if they do not have a hookup waiting for them at home, they are going be really glad that someone has offered them an alternative! Seriously! You are helping them out, and your reward for your kindness is that you also get to be having the sex too! It is really good.

All you have to do is ask

So all the sandwich guy had to do was ask, was offer you the sandwich, and you said yes. This is the same… but note the timing. He asked you at lunchtime, when you were hungry. You need to ask people at the right time, when they are horney. If they are not horney, flirt with them and make them horney first. Then ask. You will be surprised how far this gets you.