The best things in life are free – so hook up with someone!

You know how they say that the best things in life are free? Well what if I told you that they really were? Let’s start by just outlining why the system needs us to believe that the best things in life are things that we have to pay for.

For society to keep running, we need people to work. We need them to wake up, go and do something productive for 8 hours a day before coming home for their leisure time. It does not serve society well if people got lazy and did nothing. In fact, if we all did nothing then pretty soon we would have no food, no water, no electricity, no xbox’s or mobile phones! The world as we know it would literally fall apart around our ears. This means that we really do need people to do things in order to survive.

There is a second thing here as well. For the people in power to stay in power, they need everyone else to be busy trying to work etc. If everyone had too much leisure time they might start to notice what the people in charge are doing, and then they might decide that they don’t like that very much and throw them out of power! Now thing might sound a bit conspiracy theory to you, but lets take a great example or then twisting things – sex.

Sex is free. It really is. Both people having the sex have a great time. When you find a fuck buddy, the other person has also found a fuck buddy! It really is a win win. It is one of the best things in life, and it is for free. So how have we commoditised it?

Well we have convinced people that to have sex, the first thing you have to do is earn money, so you can buy fancy watches and cars, and afford to buy dinners and nights out, and have a good house, oh and don’t forget that you need a respectable job… the list goes on. It is a lie. All you need to have sex, is someone to have sex with. You don’t need all the other paraphernalia, just find someone to hook up with and remember that they will be as happy as you over it!

The bets things in life come for free. Remember it, and don’t let the world trick you into thinking otherwise.